This Has Never Happened Before

dandelionWelcome to Guide To Excellence, my name is Nadia and I have been a nutritional researcher and personal trainer since 1988 and a life coach since 2001. I go by many titles: single mother, caregiver, engineer, nutritional researcher, mentor, and teacher.
My quest to find ways for the body to heal itself derived from the constant wave of ailments I experienced. At three, I was diagnosed with Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), 14 gave me an appendectomy and Chronic Epstein Barr Virus, year 22’s gift was a hysterectomy, the surprise of 23 was a tonsillectomy, the grand finale was at 32 with a subcutaneous double mastectomy, and you might as well throw in a few reconstructions. In total, I have endured 22 surgeries and countless procedures.
Through the aliments, I learned that my body does not react appropriately to medications, procedures, surgeries, and heck, almost anything. In fact, it usually does the opposite of what is expected. I learned this because 90% of doctors, dermatologists, naturopaths, estheticians, dentists, chiropractors, or anyone who works with the body have uttered the now infamous phrase in my family: “This has never happened before.” Picture this: I’m just coming out of surgery, groggy and in pain. There is a doctor leaning over me about a few inches from my face and the first words out of his mouth are, “I have done this procedure a thousand times but this has never happened before.” I don’t know about you but that didn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Needless to say, I found myself with a great need to know my own body and give it everything it needed to heal itself rather than relying on western medicine to come to my rescue.
Oak TreeOnce I received my degree in Computer Science and began work as an engineer, I was introduced to the internet. With information at my fingertips, my passion for ailment and obesity prevention soared. Every bit of free time I had was dedicated to finding answers. I studied blood types, gender, heritages, food processing, microbiomes, horticulture, and anything else I could think of that may affect our quality of life. I spent thousands of dollars and used myself as a guinea pig for products, diets, and exercise regimens. Although it hurt my bank account and my body more than it helped, I was desperate for answers. I still felt sick, adult acne had found permanent residence on my face, and the weight would not budge even though I exercised six days a week.
My goal was to find the right combination of nutritional, physical, emotional, and spiritual elements that were affordable, simple, and produced results. It has now been three decades since the onset of my pursuit to find the right formula. I may not have the exact answer for everyone out there but the quality of life that I live today is something I could have only dreamed. I have God, my health, my family, and joyfulness.
OceanIn striving to learn the formula to ailment and obesity prevention, I did figure a few things out and I will expand on these and other topics in future blogs. Worry, lack of sleep, binge eating, and exercising too much were the underlying causes of my ailments. They are a form of stress on the body. Stress comes in many different forms but we have the power to keep much of it out of our lives. When I choose to keep stress away, the acne leaves, hair grows back thicker, weight falls off, and I’m happy.
List the things that send the tension running up your spine (e.g. bills, work, a messy house, etc). If a natural disaster were to happen today in your city, how many of those things on your list would matter? I would bet that list would get real small and the real priorities in life, such as family and loved ones, would take over. Don’t wait for a tragedy to get you to start thinking and acting the right way. Choose what you stress about. We can still accomplish many things without stressing over them. Believe me, it’s not worth your health and life. Focus on the true priorities. You will be much happier.