Atlas Balancing

About the Atlas

Position of AtlasThe central support system for the body is the spine which is made up of 33 linked bones called vertebrae. At the very top of the spine is the first cervical vertebra called the Atlas. The Atlas carries the head and is responsible for the proper alignment of the entire spinal cord and skeletal system.

From birth it is turned at least 19 degrees. So this profound turn and also the tilting of this vertebra can cause a number of discomforts and even diseases. If birth has been dramatic in any way, it will be turned even more. Accidents and falls also worsen the position.

When the Atlas is out of place it causes the head to tilt and turn. The entire spine follows this error, spreading confusion throughout the body’s skeletal structure. A direct symptom of this misalignment is a stiffening of the muscles (other symptoms include: headaches, neck pain, stiff neck, back pain, herniated disk, scoliosis, jammed spinal nerves, pain in the hips, knees and joints, differences in leg length and continuous pressure on the spinal column).

This stiffening of the muscles causes many painful symptoms such as constriction of blood-flow, spinal fluid and bodily fluids causing the immune system to become weak and sluggish. Instinctively, The body tries to straighten the head up (while keeping the head over the feet) and this causes more stress throughout the body.

What We Do

Twisted and Normal Atlas
Twisted Atlas vs. Normal Atlas

Atlas Balancing is holistic. We do not manipulate the body but support the organism in a gentle way to find its own balance in the physical as well as the energetic and mental-emotional bodies.

What distinguishes this work are the “soundcodes” that are used which represent an ancient language that the body understands for realignment, particularly the atlas and structural framework. Our work is definitely energetic and applies touch for health as a form of spiritual healing. The effects are long-term.

Once the Atlas has found its way back to its original position, it will have the stability that was not there before. It will remain stable throughout the individual’s entire lifetime. For anatomical-mechanical reasons, it will not be able to leave its new-found stabilized position and return to its previous misaligned location.

Effects on the Emotional and Mental Systems

Through the changes in the static alignment of the body, old traumas may be released, and limiting thoughts and emotional patterns may surface and dissolve. Even depression and fear disorders will often be influenced in a positive way through this self-healing process. And the great news is All this happens automatically, by itself, and cannot be predicted in any form or time frame.

Atlas Balancing does not involve diagnosis or therapy in the physical sense. We are working with energetic healing, touch for health and spiritual healing. This work is not meant to replace the therapeutic work of the medical profession but is a support in re-awakening the self-healing capabilities and health in every person. The methodology intertwines body, mind and spirit and is used for the healing of the whole person.

Results of the Treatment

Elisabeth Westermann- Founder of Atlas BalancingAtlas Balancing needs usually ONLY one session, at the very most two for permanent results!
Atlas Balancing can help relieve many chronic imbalances and pain related conditions.
Atlas Balancing helps the human body and energy-system to cope more easily with the transformational evolutionary process so many are experiencing, which is living from Presence and our fullest potential and what is now being recognized as “Awakening”.
Animals are also very, very receptive to this treatment even horses. The work can assist to bring them back to balanced health.


In general Westermann says, that most of the time, while the balancing brings a physical relief in different areas of the body, there is also a profound change in the attitude towards life. It is to be observed that people experience more expanded states of consciousness (being in the Presence), bliss and more aliveness. I also observed that people that have done deep spiritual work for sometime seem to more easily stay in elevated states of awareness. When the energy centers balance and realign the flow throughout the body is increased.

“I am extremely grateful to be able to serve Humanity in this way. My mission is to spread this gift as quickly as possible so that many people have the opportunity to receive this new technological advancement for vastly improving structural alignment, nervous system functionality and to support the shift in consciousness.”